Delicious-looking hot dogs on a manly grill. Just like God intended.

Man make fire.
Cook meat.

Quick Man Check

Men are not born knowing how to barbecue.

...but good luck explaining this to your buddies.

All are capable. Few are trained. Instead, we suffer through years of trial and error, snide comments from our buddies, and smug looks from our fathers-in-law.

This ends now. Here men share hints and hacks to help our brothers in BBQ impress others with their skills.

Grill on, brothers.

Manliest Men

As defined by who has the most points on their mancard.

  1. Tom the 1st with 126 Manpoints
  2. mike the 1st with 101 Manpoints
  3. Chris the 1st with 84 Manpoints
  4. Alan the 2nd with 50 Manpoints
  5. Larry the 1st with 31 Manpoints


Any ideas for things that would better the lives of men everywhere? Drop us a line. Good suggestions will be rewarded with manpoints. Obviously.

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